This chapter consists of questions in which series of numbers or alphabetical letters or combinations of both are given , which are generally called the terms of the series. These terms follow a certain pattern throughout the series. The candidate is required to study the given series, identify the pattern followed in the series or find the wrong term in the series.


These are of two two types:-


To solved the question depends upon alphabetical series you know some tricks which are given below:-


  1. Left+Left=(-)
  2. Left+Right=(+)
  3. Right+Right=(-)


(i) Which is the 10 to the left of 18 from the left end of the above arrangement?

ANS: 18-10=8 “P”

(ii) Complete the series?


ANS: see in above series :-

5_R_J after 2

1_Y_Q after 2

8_W_U after 2


so the answer is “*#N”.

(iii) If all the symbols and letters are drop from the above arrangement then which of the following is 5th element from the left?

ANS: See the above series answer is the “8”.

(iv) How many such symbols are their in the arrangement each of which is immediately followed by a letter but not immediately procedded by a letter?

ANS: “#”.

(v) Specify the odd one out?





ANS: “WA8” see the above arangement.

QUES 2: 519,328,746,495,837

(i) If half of the second highest number is subtracted from the third highest no.?

ANS: 746/2=319


(ii) If the position of the 1 and the 3 digit in each of the numbers are interchanged then which of the following will be 2 digit of the lowest numbers?


sequence is 519,328,746,495,837

now changing the position 915,823,647,594,738

longest sequence 594,647,738,823,915.

second digit of the longest number is “9”.

(iii) If in each numbers the third digit become the first and first digit become second and second digit become third which of the following will be first digit of the second highest numbers?

ANS: By changing the sequence 951,832,674,549,783.

second highest number in sequence is 832 and first digit of the second highest number is “8”.

(iv) Which of the following represent the difference between the first and second digit of the second highest number?

ANS: second highest digit is 746 now the difference between the first and second digit “(7-4=3)”,so the number is”3″.