How States Got Their Name

How States Got Their Name

Andhra Pradesh
The Andhra Pradesh translates to southern province.


Arunachal Pradesh
The Sanskrit name translates to dawn lit mountain.


Assam is named after the ahoms , who ruled over Assam.


Vihara means abode in pali. Bihar was earlier the abode of Buddhist monks.


Chattisgarh has 36 forts in total,chattis translates to 36.


Gujarat is named after the gurjars,who ruled the area in the area in the 8th century.


The origin of the name Goa is centered around the Sanskrit word go means cow.


Himachal Pradesh
Himachal Pradesh means the home of snowy mountains.


This name could be broken down into hari means greenary and aranya means forest.


Jammu & Kashmir
Jammu is possibly named after the king jambu lochan, Kashmir means land desiccated from water.


Jharkhand divided in to two parts jhari + khand.Jhari means dense forest and khand means land.


Karnad means loftty land , refering to the Deccan plateau.


lord parasurama reclaimed the land from the sea,hence the word cherna-alam(added land), which is later become Kerala.


The word Mizoram has been derived from the words mi means the people and zo that means highlander.


Translated from Sanskrit, Meghalaya means abode of clouds.


Madhya Pradesh
Madhya Pradesh Located in the center of India, Madhya Pradesh transaltes to central province.


The Sanskrit word Manipur,translates to jewel city.


Maha mean great and rashtrika means ratta the tribe/dynasty of pretty chiefs that ruled the deccan region.


Naga originated formatted burmese word naka means people with earring or pierced nose.


Odra-desh named after the odra people who inhabited the central part of the region.


Punjab translates to the land of five river in indo-iranian.


Rajasthan means abode of rajas during the British era it was known as rajputana , land of rajputs.


The name Sikkim is of limbu origin, where su means new and khyim translates to place.


Derived from the word TRILINGA which translates to the country of the three shiva lingas.


Derived from two kokborok words ‘tui’ menas water and ‘pra’ means near.


Tamil Nadu
Tamil nadu means homeland of tamil people.


Uttar means north and khand means land.


Uttar pradesh
Uttar pradesh means northern province.


West Bengal
The word bengal is derived from bonga means god of the santhals and aal is a device used in agriculture.


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